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Title: Blessed with a second chance
Patient: Jimmy Valentine

My name is Jimmy Valentine. I am 60 years old and I was blessed with a second chance at life. I had been having pains in my left shoulder on and off for five years. I was seen by multiple doctors and treated with no relief. One evening the pain came back and I went to the emergency room at Centinela Hospital. A doctor walked in and said in a very deep voice: "How are you? I am doctor Nosratian. I'm going to run some tests on you and then I will be able to give you information on what the problem is." The tests revealed that I had severely blocked arteries.

Dr. Nosratian explained that I needed to have an angiogram. He explained the risks and benefits of this procedure and assured me that he could fix my problem. I looked him in the eye and I knew that he could do what he said he could do. I was awake during the procedure and I never felt any pain. He looked at me and said: "everything went well." I was so relieved.

Since I had two severely blocked arteries, I had another angioplasty and stent in my second artery about four weeks after the first procedure. This time, I was much less afraid since I knew I had the best doctor. I knew that I had a doctor who not only cared, but took pride in his work. I knew if I was going to survive the second angioplasty, it had to be with Dr. Nosratian. I believe in him.

Since my second surgery, I visit him on a regular basis. I always receive a phone call reminding me of my appointment. If I ever have any problems with aches or pains, I can call his office and he always returns my phone calls. He is God sent. He's my doctor and I'd like to think he's my friend. I'm doing fine now, I walk three miles, I cut my own grass and I don't eat junk food. I'm active and I try to keep my blood pressure down. I've lost weight, I love life, and I have Dr. Nosratian to thank.

Title: I survived a "widow maker"
Patient: George Walmsley

In July 2006, after extensive testing I required an emergency angioplasty with stenting to one of my coronary arteries (the L.A.D.), which at the time turned out to be about 99% blocked. I later learned that the doctors call this type of lesion a "widow maker."

Up until that time, all the usual tests: EKG, treadmill stress test, ultrasound etc. had shown that my heart was functioning perfectly, and had failed to show any abnormality.

Dr. Nosratian told me after those tests that he would leave no stone unturned, as he was determined to find out what was wrong with me and fix it. He lived up to his word, and continued his investigations.

He did all he could and wasted no time, and it was his determination that saved my life. He persevered with a nuclear scan, then an angiography. When the blockage to my artery was diagnosed, I was very close to death. It was Dr Nosratian's prompt intervention that saved my life. I've had this affirmed by a few leading cardiologists in other parts of the world. (I am originally from Scotland, where we have an extremely high incidence of heart disease, but also some of the world's finest cardiologists).

Dr. Nosratian made the procedure as painless and comfortable as possible. As soon as I saw him on the morning of the procedure, I instantly felt calm and relaxed and I was 100% confident that he would help me and he didn't let me down. I felt better immediately after the angioplasty and still feel great. It's nice to be able to function and exercise without any chest pains. I feel much better than I have felt for a long time. He has been extremely kind to me ever since. I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Nosratian to anyone.

George Walmsley
President, West Coast Financial Systems LLC
Redondo Beach, California

Title: I Lived to Ski Another Day
Patient: D.B.

I am an avid skier and a very active male. I was admitted to the hospital with chest and back pain. I was lying in the ICU when Dr. Nosratian walked in. He got a detailed history from me and suspected a life-threatening vascular condition called “aortic dissection”. I was immediately transferred to Little Company of Mary Hospital, where I met a surgeon Dr. Cukingnan who was summoned by Dr. Nosratian who saved my life. I learned that this condition has a mortality rate of about 80%.

It is now 16 years since that day and I still go skiing every winter, despite being on blood thinners for my prosthetic aortic valve. I have had multiple other surgeries for hernia and knee derangements and Dr. Nosratian has always been there to clear me for these procedures and watch over me until I am discharged.

Dr. Nosratian has also diagnosed and treated my wife and son. I would definitely recommend him as a cardiologist for anyone who needs excellent cardiac care.



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